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APISBMA - Asian Pacific Islander School Board Members Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and supporting thoughtful, systematic and coordinated research, and evaluating and developing appropriate policies and practices to serve the needs of Asian Pacific Islander students and their families.
The APISBMA members are committed to promoting an education/classroom curriculum, which adequately represents the contribution and views of Asian Pacific Islanders.
The goal and purpose of the Association is:
  • To be a support network for Asian Pacific islander school board members;
  • Encourage greater participation by API board members in the California School Board Association;
  • Promote and develop an educational curriculum which more adequately represents the contributions and views of Asian Pacific Islanders; and
  • develop coalitions with other educational, ethnic, and community organizations to promote equitable, quality education.
Together we will positively change and improve the educational outcomes for Asian Pacific Islander students in California.
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