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The Asian Pacific Islander School Board Members Association (APISBMA), organized in 1988, is a network of school board members within California and affiliates nationwide. The organization was formed to encourage and support thoughtful, systematic and coordinated research, evaluation and development of appropriate policies and practices to serve the needs of Asian Pacific Islanders (API) students and their families.
In 2008/09, California Basic Educational Data Systems (CBEDS) reported California's API population was 734,025 or 11.7 percent. It is projected that the API population will be one of the faster growing ones in the United States.

APISBMA has identified the following areas as its goals:
  • To promote an educational curriculum which more adequately represents the contributions and views of Asian Pacific Islanders.
  • To promote sensible, flexible, and local ways to address the NCLB requirement of Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) for API students.
Related to the above mentioned goals, the following focus was suggested:
  • Collection and disaggregation of data in order to evaluate the educational needs of API students.
  • Assistance for the many API students, regardless of social-economic status, in learning the English language . Many English Language Learner (ELL) students must overcome this obstacle in order to advance in classroom academic learning.
Please feel free to contact any of the APISBMA Executive Board Members should you want assistance from the organization.
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